Friday, June 25, 2010

WhineBlog #1 Ads, Justin TV

Well, seeing as this is my first ever blog entry, my thought is that it should be unique and set the kinda style I'm going for with my future entries! Then again, it's hard maintaining a focused and pretty understandable roll when you're ranting your arse off (being a Swede nontheless), but I will try to make myself clear and so that everyone who may stumble into my little lair can sit back and either snicker or shake his/her head at me because of either my illogical grounds of what I'm nagging about, or totally agree.

Enough about introductions, let's get on with my complaint of the day! Even though I don't think I'll be doing this daily...

Sometimes I happen to visit the livestreaming site Justin TV when I have the time. On occasion when I finally do go there (2-3 times a week while chatting with one of my dear old friends on IM) I'm met usually with bugs, lag and etc. which can easily be dealt with. You either wait or delete your cookies, although sometimes JTV just flips out for some reason, I don't know why. But see, the problem or the issue I have isn't those kind of things. All that's expected and I really don't mind, BUT, what does piss me off recently is advertisements.

Yeah, you heard right, I'm about the one billionth person on the whole world wide web to start complaining (or blogging) about those darned, annoying ads. And too be honest, I can deal with those. I don't mind if they are at the side, or at the top of a page, as long as they don't completely distract me from what I'm either reading or watching! The ISSUE is ads that pop up into the livefeed video when you're watching a stream. Like, compare the Youtube ads. They may be there, but you can just click that X and then it'll go down and stay down! It won't suddenly pop up in say 2 minutes or less. It doesn't matter if they take up space because you can simply just get rid of them.

On the other hand, there's this.

THAT'S FRIGGIN' HUGE! And when you cross it down, it'll appear just less than two minutes after you get rid of it! It's INSANE! It's probably one of the most tedious things I've ever had to do! Click the X, see the little AD+ button in the corner, like it's taunting you with it's simple existence! "Yeah, that's right, ain't getting rid of me."

Here's the thing. JTV makes their money mostly out of AD revenues. Without ads there probably wouldn't be a JTV to begin with. I know that somebody would make that remark, but I'm already aware of it. I'm not saying STOP ADVERTISING if it keeps you going, I'm just saying that things like that picture up there makes watching streams on your site unappealing and it won't have a good effect on you or those who come to the site. You know, personally, I wouldn't mind the AD popping up so much if you could just keep it AWAY and have it not pop up again by just clicking it down! LIKE Youtube or some other Stream/video site.

You can, to my knowledge, get a PRO account which will totally get rid of ADS for you. For 10 $ a month. *cough* nonsense *cough*

Or just get an adblocker, something I've also heard of. Unfortunatly I've heard it lags the stream you're watching some AND it only runs for those with a Firefox browser. I'm at the point where I'm considering switching if the darned pop ups do not stay down.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, and thank you for just paying attention to my insignificant issues that have no effect on you. You get an imaginary cookie everytime you imagine it. Good bye!

PS: If I do discover that it's only me with this issue one day, I'll never came out to the daylight again and forever live in shame.


  1. I agree! I hate ads, but I view them as a necessary evil. However, some are done much better than others. I've seen some that were interactive in between shows, which was nice, but when they take you away from what you actually came to see, then they've lost their usefulness. I wonder if they ever consider how many people turn it off instead of putting up with the hassle.

  2. Yeah, the issue doesn't concern only Justin TV but a lot of other sites. Sometimes it's just overkill and disrespect to those who visit.